NZ Merino Wool  Base Layers & NZ Merino Wool Mid Layers

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Taranaki Baselayers         TeMata Base/Mid layers

Naturally -  New Zealand!

Natural, sustainable & eco-friendly, NZ Merino-Possum and NZ Merino Base Layers, Mid Layers and Accessories

The Warmth of Possum

Research has shown that the hollow nature and

exceptional thermal properties of the possum fibre makes NativeWorld possum knitwear 55% warmer than merino wool and 35% warmer than cashmere!

So whilst these merino-possum and wool-possum sweaters, jumpers, zipnecks and wraps may be luxurious,  they’re still as versatile and multi-functional as our Chocolate Fish Merino outdoor gear.

Designed to suit both men and women, from Teens to Third-agers, our Taranaki and TeMata unisex, trans-seasonal and multi-functional New Zealand merino wool base layers have served our customers well in all sorts of places, from Antarctica to the Sahara, Japan to Ireland.

Viv Scott, in his Review of our Taranaki 190 Merino Wool Base Layers in UK Climbing  says:

“The best base layers I've ever used by miles and already up there with my favourite take everywhere, everytime kit... Superb.”

Viv Scott's Merino Wool Base layers, Kahitna Base Camp, Alaska

Kahitna base camp, Alaska

Nikki & co, Port Lockroy Antarctica

Morag - just messing about in  Iceland

Tim & Simon kite-skiing in Greenland, wearing Chocolate Fish merino wool base layers

Vik snowboarding in San Sicario

Tom, Ilkley Moor - bar t’at

Carrig at over 5300m in the Himalayas

Simon & Tim in Greenland

New Zealand Merino-Possum Knitwear

& Merino Baselayer

Genuine NZ Merino, genuinely made in New Zealand

Why settle for less than the best?

 Merino-Possum & Wool-Possum Knitwear & Accessories

Have you started to feel the chill winds of Autumn already? Time to think about keeping yourself cosy with Merino-Possum knitwear and accessories. Stylish and luxurious, our knitwear will take you through weekends, holidays, and after-office nights out.  

Merino-Possum Zipneck Sweaters Wool-Possum Jackets Merino-possum reviews Pohutakawa blossom

         Maori Magic!

And with Christmas coming, for something very special, we have a selection of New Zealand Pounamu pendants - all carved in Rotorua by Master Carver Tamaora Walker

Maori Greenstone Pendants Maori Greenstone Pendants Maori Greenstone Koru pendant Maori Greenstone Pendants

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